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Anti-Jamming Satellite Modem

'Carrier ID Injection'
To simplify and accelerate the process of finding sources of interference, the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (SATIRG) has developed a DVB-CID. This new standard is currently required for all modulators at the U.S. mobile satellite station (DSNG) and is available in all NovelSat solutions. This encodes the Carrier-ID (CID) on a satellite transmission signal that contains contact information that can be used to locate and communicate the operator of an interference signal.

Anti-Jamming Test Configuration Photograph

'Robust Receiver Algorithms'
The NovelSat NS2000 satellite demodulator provides advanced receive algorithms to eliminate interference. Because there are many types of RFI with unique characteristics, a single receiver algorithm cannot be applied. For example, mitigating CW RFI is completely different from canceling Radar RFI. So NovelSat has developed advanced mitigation algorithms and detection mechanisms that can handle all types of RFI.

Waveforms on Novelsat Modem

'Advanced Waveforms'
NovelSat NS3 and NS4 are advanced waveforms that contain built-in mechanisms that further improve resiliency against interference as well as other signal interruptions such as phase noise and weather fluctuations. In addition to increasing spectral efficiency by up to 45% over DVB-S2, NovelSat NS4 ensures reliable transmission far beyond the limits of other solutions by exceeding the RFI / signal ratio of DVB-S2 by up to 15 dB, in addition to increasing spectral efficiency by up to 45% for CW Career Jamming or Modulation Jamming.