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Maritime Solution

Through offshore LTE technology
Global Cornet to prepare for maritime safety and disasters.
'Unlike the surface of the earth, sea safety'
The safety of the sea should be several times more important and accurate than the safety measures on the ground. I'm not saying that safety precautions on the ground are not important. In the event of an accident or disaster at sea, it is very difficult to maintain and communicate structure and communication accurately, unlike on the ground. Therefore, it is very important when it comes to maritime safety.
The first important thing in sea communication is speed. No matter how much communication you have, if you're slow to communicate, you'll have a lot of trouble dealing with it. That's why communication speed will be one of the key factors.
Second, the accuracy and distance of communication. Even if the speed of communication is very fast, the accuracy of communication at sea is poor, and if it is at a distance that cannot be communicated, the speed of communication will be useless very quickly.
We need to meet these three requirements for optimal maritime safety.

'Data speed, accuracy and distance'
Let me introduce you to a technology that meets these three important maritime communication requirements.
First, fast speed. Communication at sea is a communication environment that requires the use of radio, not wired, so we need to speed up the speed on the radio. Our Global Cornet has marine antennas, WAN accelerators, and offshore LTE routers, so if LTE distance is possible, communication speed over LTE can be exceeded, we can guarantee speed through marine antennas and WAN accelerators .
The accuracy and distance of the second communication. This solution can also be solved using our offshore LTE router. Our offshore LTE router supports communication up to 100KM from the ground base station. And using this communication, we expect to know the exact location of the ship.
Choose the right solution to help you live a safe life on the sea, where communication on the sea is important.

'reconnaissance using drones'
It is a smartphone reconnaissance drone system that allows users to monitor disasters and Chinese fishing boats in real time through aerial shooting of drones and simultaneously record high-definition images of disaster sites, share disaster situations in real time, and check instructions and instructions directly from the situation room to help them determine the exact situation and respond quickly.