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Globalkonet, the satellite communication of the new technology, shows you.
'More important satellite communications'
Satellite communication in Korea, where network communication has developed, has been thought of only one communication that is expensive and slow. But now with the launch of low-orbit satellites and the creation of antennas that make it easier to use satellites, communication is no longer an inconvenient one. In the process of commercializing 5G, we expect our satellite communication to be more valuable by using the 5G band.
With the increasing utilization of these satellites, the military's satellite communications also have to take a step further with highly utilized communications. In line with the new satellite communication, we're going to show you a new level of satellite communication with new technology solutions and state-of-the-art equipment from our Global Cornet satellite.

'Satellite equipment that has taken a leap forward'
In our Global Cornet, we have a QFPA50 flat antenna that complements the shortcomings of antennas that have been heavy and manually operated so far and makes them easy to use. Our QFPA50 flat antenna is designed in a carrier format, making it easy to move anywhere and enabling satellite communication between antennas without the need to be assembled in a one-box configuration. Also, it is designed to allow pointing when the button is pressed by operating the one-button format.
In addition, we have the On The Move (OTM) antenna GK800, which is fitted to the vehicle and enables communication between movements. Inter-movement communication will reduce the time of antenna pointing in critical situations, enabling immediate communication.
We are confident that we can see satellite communications that we have never experienced before through our Global Cornett equipment.