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Now that interest in disasters has increased
Global kornet will take the lead in disaster communications.
'It's no one else's business, but disaster'
In my country, I thought it was a story far from national disaster. Since Korea has only seen earthquakes in Japan, disaster measures have always been a little far away. However, as the Pohang earthquake occurred in 2017, the national disaster like the earthquake became the story of others. Although Korea has been negligent in disaster communication so far, I think our country should prepare thoroughly for disasters from now on.
Therefore, we need to start preparing thoroughly from now on with the disaster communication solution of Global Cornet, a company specializing in disaster safety communications.

'Professional Skills for Disaster Communication'
Our Global kornet has a disaster communication solution for disaster communication. In the event of a forest fire, a big fire, or an earthquake, the network is cut off, and its satellite Antenas QFPA50 and GK800 can be used as a disaster network before the ground network is fully restored. This solution will help ease panic among local people affected by the loss of communication network in the event of a disaster.
And if we can get our generators ready in advance, we will be able to respond quickly in the event of a disaster and the supply of electricity is urgent.
As a disaster safety communications company, our Global Cornet is ready to offer a number of solutions to be ready for disasters at all times for disasters.

Demonstration of LTE Pamto using QFPA50 and GK800

Demonstration Video