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WNA Accelerator

If your network doesn't work as much as you want, even with bandwidth, we suggest introducing a WAN accelerator.
Before introducing a WAN accelerator, you must check whether the purpose of the accelerator is to eliminate redundant data, reduce network transmission, and save line costs, and see how the improvement effect can be achieved after introduction.

For slow response speeds such as satellites, it is essential to check whether it is a SCPS-TP international standard WAN accelerator that can reduce ACK/NACK signals and provide maximum speed from the beginning.

If you have a plan to introduce equipment, get free technical support from us. We offer the best WAN accelerator for your situation

XA Appliances

Increased throughput and reduced cost

XA-Appliances deliver the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization in easy to install appliances, assuring proper throughput at a reasonable capital cost. For small and medium sized sites with access speeds from a few Kbps to 20 Mbps, desktop style appliances are user installed via logical GUI templates thus minimizing impact to the operations staff. For high speed links or central aggregation sites, fully redundant appliances will optimize links with aggregate capacities from 30 Mbps to1.3Gbps, supporting thousands of simultaneous TCP sessions and dramatically increasing effective throughput to the customer

·VSAT and AccessTDMA / SCPC / Mesh

·Terrestrial WirelessWiMax / Microwave / Extended WiFi

·Cellular / LTE2.5G / 3G / 4G Interconnect and Backhaul

·Terrestrial - Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultipointMSS - Inmarsat, Iridium and equivalent

XV Virtual

XV product line offers a ready to run virtual machine with all XipOS software capabilities, allowing integrators to select their hardware platform of choice. This makes the XV solution an ideal candidate for deployments into cloud or blade architectures, as well as for embedding onto 3rd party hardware platforms for deployments in specific vertical markets

All major VM hypervisor systems are supported KVM/QEMU and VMWare ESXi or Player

The XV solution deployed in a hub environment allows for scalability to address any network. The software configurability enabled software defined networks, with the WAN optimization virtualized as a network function.

Deployed as an integrated solution, the XV is a ready to run solution that can quickly and effectively address deployments where the WAN Optimization complements other functions on a common hardware platform. This is also common for deployments where hardware certification is an issue.

The solution is highly CPU, RAM and storage efficient. It supports VT-x hardware assist.

Fully virtualized deployment

Native and virtual deployment

Specialty Products

specialty product line run a XipOS as off the shelf product designed for special purposes, such as integration in military systems with high environment tolerances. In some cases, it is used during the prototyping phase of such as system in advance of integrating the XE or XV product into a specifically selected hardware platform.

The XS-104 is a PC-104 form factor platform available in several models, with capacities up to 16Mbps and 4,000 TCP sessions. It supports a wide operating temperature range from 0°C to 60°C.

XE: Embedded XipOS

Maximum Capacity saving you time and money

The XE Product Line offers the full acceleration, compression, caching, shaping and optimization capabilities of XipLink technology running highly integrated on your choice of platforms. It also offers configuration flexibility, minimized memory footprint, low processing power and small disk size. The XE Product Line also allows deployment onto small form factors while scaling to very high performance integrated systems depending on the application. The resource utilization can be scaled to the hardware and resources available.

XE integrates TCP acceleration at the kernel level, offering unparalleled resource efficiency and bounded memory utilization. XipLink XE makes an API available, allowing users to build integrated management solutions and to customize key parameters for their network environment and system architecture. The XE product line offers a slight advantage over the XV Virtual solution as there is no overhead of running a virtual machine hypervisor, however the integration time and effort is much higher and the choice of operating systems is much more confined.

Key Features

·Very small footprint

·Easily portable

·Operates transparently on IP networks

·Available for Linux FreeBSD

·Fully Compatible with XA and XS product line

·Integrate with your own network hardware

·Native SCPS-TP and I-PEP support

Example Applications

·VSAT terminals

·Wireless modems

·Aircraft broadband

·Mobile terrestrial solutions

·Client mandated hardware

·Integrated VPN solutions

·Broadband networks with latency

Product Data Sheets

XA Optimization Appliances Overview

XA-Appliances deliver the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization in easy to install appliances, assuring proper throughput at a reasonable capital cost. See how this product will help you increased throughput and reduced costs.

Download the Data Sheet

XipLink Hub Optimizations (XHO) Option

XipLink Hub Optimizations features are bandwidth savings and performance enhancements that operate on a standalone appliance located at the hub-side or Internet point of presence in a wireless network.

Download the Data Sheet

XS 104 Specialty Product

The XS-104 is a PC-104 form factor platform available in several models, with capacities up to 16Mbps and 4,000 TCP sessions.

Download the Data Sheet

XS-SCPS TCP Accelerator

XS-SCPS TCP accelerators deliver the satellite and wireless industries’ most advanced performance in easily installed appliances, assuring exceptional throughput at a nominal capital cost.

Download the Data Sheet


Adding XipLink’s IPsec VPN software to an existing accelerator or optimizer appliance can reduce operating costs by eliminating a second device.

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