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Aero Antenna

Compact aeronautical antenna of 8.6KG VR12

The VR12 aerial antenna is a solution applied to 100 aircraft worldwide and has a design structure that can be used in combination with fixed and rotating profits. The 12-inch (30Cm) reflector diameter weighs 8.6Kg and has all operational DO-160 specification certifications, including ACU, PSU and MODEM, to meet aircraft equipment specifications.

Perform CDRs and PDRs to meet the customer's requirements, and when installed, U.S. engineers will reside to provide an overall installation of the design, molds, and installation methods.

If the airline business is carried out so that customers can rest assured from beginning to end, Global KONEX and Viasat will be dedicated to the Project team and solve the problem of 24-hour questions and answers.

We'll provide high-quality services for the world's No. 1 global leader with the largest number of references.

MINI hub minimizes user costs

Minihub provides a solution that can dramatically reduce initial installation costs by improving the disadvantages of large capacity central hub. Depending on the initial POC volume, you can optionally configure 1 to 9 units.

Minimizes customer central country costs and allows sharing in one system without aircraft type restrictions. Customers can use both fixed and rotating profits, and can choose between BOD and availability and non-availability according to the MINI hub opening.

In addition, antennas can be used selectively to mix and use all the frequencies used by the military and the private sector, such as KU bands, KA bands, and X bands on the ground network.

LOS Interlink Satellite Communications with Free Frequency Cost

We use satellite communication a lot for communication between ground and aircraft, or for long-distance communication between ground and ground. However, replace expensive satellites to meet interlink satellite communications that do not cost spectrum.

You can use 50Kbps to 11Mbps using GMSK Modulation. You can communicate up to 200km on the ground during the flight period, and you can during the flight. It is possible from 60km to 150km between ground and ground. A small, lightweight configuration allows soldiers to wear a man-pack to form a free satellite network.

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