About US

Fast, anywhere access to broadband communications
World's Best Flat Antenna Performance.
GlobalKonet is an innovative developer in the field of next-generation flat-panel antenna, which is essential for next-generation satellite communication technology HTS satellite antenna, and works with global companies to manufacture light, portable satellite terminals for high-performance broadband services.
Leading overseas satellite operators use our QFPA series satellite terminals and provide a seamless connection for global organizations and employees to quickly, cost-effectively deliver and communicate critical services anytime, anywhere.
GlobalKonet has its headquarters, factories, and research institutes in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, and has a global network of strategic reseller partners.
'our goal'
Sell simple products that reduce both the complexity of installing existing satellite communications services and the cost of connecting to satellite broadband, simplifying broadband access so that service providers can easily and quickly service 5G (LTE, WiFi, etc.) and customers can continue to receive 5G (LTE, WiFi, etc.) without network failure.
'our characteristics'
We support Intelsat Oneweb, so that we can communicate seamlessly anywhere in the world. Provides the actual broadband speed required to support the Internet, VoIP, and Video conferencing.
Designed for easy-to-use, lightweight, portable customers don't need specialized engineers or complex connectivity network equipment.
By applying the latest HTS satellite technology, you can deliver higher performance than traditional global satellites, which can significantly reduce communications costs.
Through development and innovation, we strive to provide customers with sustainable and future-oriented solutions.