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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to ensure privacy, freedom and communications, which are the basic rights of users of Internet shopping malls run by Global Cornet Inc., and to ensure that human rights violations due to illegal eavesdropping and information leakage do not emerge.

1. Collecting and using personal information

The term "personal information" means information about a surviving individual that can be identified by name, resident registration number, etc. (including information that can be easily combined with other information even if it is not possible to identify a specific individual by itself)..

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The company utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes..
(1) Fee settlement based on service delivery and implementation of service delivery contracts
Providing services and content, shipping goods or invoices, etc., self-certification, purchase and payment of charges, collection of charges

(2) Member management
Identity verification, personal identification, prevention of illegal use of defective members, prevention of unauthorized use, verification of intention to join, restriction of the number of subscriptions and subscriptions, confirmation of consent of legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, identification of legal representatives, preservation of records for dispute settlement, and delivery of complaints, etc.

(3) Developing, marketing and advertising new services
Development and specialization of new services (products), provision of services according to demographic characteristics and publication of advertisements, identification of access frequency, statistics on the use of services by members, and delivery of advertising information, such as events, etc.

3.The period of possession and use of personal information collected

In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information shall be retained for the period specified for the following reasons:.

4.Sharing and Providing Acknowledgements

The company shall use the members' personal information within the scope determined for the purpose of collecting and using the members' personal information, and shall not use it beyond the scope or disclose/provide it to the outside. However, the following cases are excluded..
Where a member agrees in advance to provide or share to a third party;
Where there is a request from an investigative agency in accordance with the provisions of the Act or in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed in the Act for investigation purposes;

5. Collected personal information handling consignment

The company shall not entrust the handling of the members' personal information to an external company without the consent of the members..
If such a need arises in the future, we will notify the consignee and the member of the details of the entrusted work and obtain prior consent if necessary..