일체형 평판 안테나 KONET Mpack

One Button One Box KONET Mpack terminal

KONET Mpack Panel Features

The KONET Mpack is a portable automatic flatbed all-in-one satellite terminal with a flat panel manufactured with aluminum flat array technology. Under the control of the servo motor system, beacon signals can be used to complete automatic pointing to satellites around the world and accurately track and point satellites. This can be controlled with just one button.
Also, it can be controlled remotely with the smartphone APP button. The Global Konet's development panel has a total of 256 micro-antenna structures with 16 x 16 and is 20% more efficient than the same circular parabola antenna with 22 dB of high Side Lobe and high antenna Gain.

Easy-to-use interface

The KONET Mpack terminal's easy interface supports fast service delivery for customers. We provide three RJ45 type LAN ports for customer service. Through this LNA port, you can connect the service products of END customers right away. At the customer's request, the WiFi AP can be connected using the PoE port to provide WiFI service within a 100-meter radius.
Also, you can have a video conference by connecting a laptop or video codec. We provide phone service via VoIP phone.
Global Konet's development technologies are always working with customers to help them develop the desired form of service and deliver the optimal solution.
In the case of disaster and construction sites, communication services will be provided using generators or DC batteries due to limited power supply. The KONET Mpack includes a battery pack that allows one hour of powerless service without the need for such power equipment. This is a very effective function for fast service delivery at disaster sites.

Also, you can receive service through DC power supply through vehicle or solar panel through DC input. The vehicle can be used regardless of type, so it is very convenient to secure emergency power.
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